Crisis shelter for homeless mothers with children at the Salvation Army


Today once again it was a fun time at the shelter for homeless mothers with children. Because once a week Present is there to set the mind of these young people into another state. This time Tessa brought some fun stuff to use with their drawings and especially appropriate for easter. This made the visit of the volunteers from the start on interesting and learnful event, because during the activity we tried to teach them how to use scissors and glue. Some beautiful work was created with only a small effort.

However, there was more. Because today there was some really shiny weather outside. So what started in the hallway with a small game of football resulted in excitement to enter the playground in the backyard. This really quiet but neat grassfield in the backyard of the cemetery was the ultimate location to play for a bit in the open air. So every piece of toy was ready to be explored to the maximum. And off course the volunteers enjoyed their outside time as well.

So after staying there for about an hour, each child had lost their energy and got back to their small room. They were thankful for the time spent and were enthusiastic to tell their mothers and perhaps even play next week with the same weather conditions. For sure we know that spring has left his mark for the first time and we hope we can enjoy more at this special place.