Are you looking for a way to put social engagement into practice? Are you keen to make a contribution to the local community in which your business is located? If so, Present Amsterdam would be happy to help you. Our work is supply-driven and we would welcome the chance to talk to you about a form of collaboration that would fit with your company. There are a number of different ways in which we can work together.

Social engagement

akzo nobel

Present would happily offer you and your colleagues the opportunity to make a difference to those in need of a helping hand. Our organisation is an intermediary for practical and social volunteer projects. These projects might involve, for example, simple DIY at a children’s farm or a sociable games afternoon with the elderly. Working together in a completely new setting is team building at its best!
We charge a fee for our services as an intermediary. Present is a non-profit foundation, which means we can keep our rates as low as possible. Cost estimates for specific projects can be found in our Project Proposal



Investing in our work

You can support Present with a financial donation or by sponsoring products and/or services. There are always a number of specific projects in need of funding. Your company could sponsor projects in its local area, for example, or donate garden tools. Your support would make a great difference to us and would enable Present Amsterdam to continue its work.

Karwei Amsterdam Noord, for example, donates materials from the shop worth EUR 250 every season.



Meijers partnerschap

By choosing to work with us on a long-term basis you would give us the opportunity to get to know your organisation better and tailor our work even more closely to your preferences, vision and corporate culture. Our partners make a fixed financial contribution each year, i.e. they support the work of Present Amsterdam on an ongoing basis. Present partners benefit from a range of opportunities for free publicity, for example in the (social) media, in the newsletter or on the website. We would be happy to discuss the details of a partnership with you.


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