A meaningful day out

Present has developed an approach especially for families. It offers parents a practical way of letting their children learn what it means to look after others in their own neighbourhood or city. The projects address values such as “giving”, “being there for others” and “taking responsibility”, while making sure that everyone enjoys themselves. Families who have taken part in Present projects report a fascinating and meaningful adventure that brought them closer together as a family.

Present as organiser and guide

A specially trained member of the Present team will guide your family during the project, from preparation right through to evaluation. The project will be chosen after a review has been made of the unique talents offered by you as a family, paying particular attention to the roles of the children. When selecting activities, we make sure that every family member will be able to take part.
We organise two types of Present projects for families::

  • Social projects: cooking for the homeless, organising a sociable games afternoon with physically or mentally handicapped groups, or drinking coffee with elderly members of the community who lack a network.
  • Practical projects: helping someone move house, brightening up or cleaning a home, or tidying a garden.

Our ideas folder is full of examples of great projects.

Our starting point will always be your preferences and availability. Just sign up and we will contact you to discuss your ideal project.

No charges

We do not charge families to take part in volunteer projects. A small contribution is requested in some cases, for example where projects require the purchase of new materials.

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