An increasing number of schools are developing and mobilising their social capital by working with Present. The combination of children, schools and neighbourhoods is uniquely powerful.

A school active in the community

School is where children learn about their future role in society. Present can guide your school and/or class through voluntary projects for vulnerable people in the local area. The idea ties in with civic education as an important key goal in primary education. It also reflects the movement that is bringing more form to social support in local areas and neighbourhoods and which places high expectations on residents’ volunteer work in the civil society (“Wet maatschappelijke ondersteuning”). Schools want to make a positive contribution to their local communities too.

A tailored approach

Present is actively developing different approaches for reaching different target groups. We have already developed an approach for working with families and another for designing social internships. In both of these examples, parents and teachers are discovering new talents in the children, brought to light in a new context. We are aiming for a similar effect working with school pupils carrying out Present projects, i.e. we aim to allow the children to learn about social engagement by doing it and to let the adults learn something too from watching the experience.

The opportunities

Get involved as a school or a class. Taking part can give the children early experience of active citizenship as they put it into practice in their own area. In collaboration with the school, Present will take the class through the range of opportunities there are to work for the community, help them discover their own talents and support the selection of a project in their own area. Present will oversee the social interaction with, for example, residents of a unit for those with a disability, clients at a care farm or elderly residents of a nursing home. This is arranged in close collaboration with professionals in the area.

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