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Corporate Social Responsibility with Present 

Your company can improve employee engagement, develop strong leaders, and build more collaborative teams by volunteering together in the community. We help you bring your company’s values to life and achieve your goals through employee volunteer projects, strategic consulting, and workshops for your team.  

We coordinate corporate activities through Adam Helpt, a joint venture created by Serve the City and Stichting Present. Together, we organize corporate social responsibility projects in the Amsterdam area.  

Company Volunteer Days 

Volunteer days are a budget-friendly alternative to typical teambuilding activities. When you work with us, we plan and facilitate your corporate volunteer day from start to finish. Adam Helpt’s experienced coordinators help plan the logistics for your event, communicate with the organization you’re helping, and ensure that everything runs smoothly on project day. 

You can select a project that meets your employees’ needs. Go offsite together and work directly with people in need, or help an NGO with a building or gardening project. We can also organize a project onsite at your office. We work with teams of all sizes, and we can plan a volunteer day in as little as four to six weeks. 

Adam Helpt is well connected to NGOs and other organizations in the Amsterdam area, so we can find projects that are a great fit for your company’s values.  

 Strategic Consulting 

Are you ready to take a closer look at your strategy for corporate social responsibility? Adam Helpt’s consultants can work with you to design a strategy that supports your goals.  

You may want to improve employee engagement and morale, develop your team’s leadership and collaboration skills, or help international employees integrate into the local culture. Or, it might be important to build positive feelings about your brand in the community. 

 Whatever your company’s goals, Adam Helpt can help you develop a strategy or revise your existing plan to make it more impactful.  

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We want to work with you! Find out how to work with Adam Helpt on a corporate volunteer project, or learn more about strategic consulting for your corporate social responsibility program. 

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