As an individual

Are you looking for a way to make a difference in your spare time and do you enjoy helping others? Present has two options for individual volunteers.

Join our Flex team

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Our Flex team is a group of volunteers who participate in projects on a regular basis.

This includes:

  • Social projects: cooking for the homeless, organising a social event for people with mental or physical disabilities, or drinking coffee with elderly people. 
  • Practical projects such as painting, cleaning or gardening.

Share your expertise

Present Amsterdam is always looking for professionals who are willing to share their expertise for the benefit of the community, either temporarily or on a more permanent basis. We are very interested in what you have to offer, perhaps in the field of communications, design, fundraising, project management, office work or logistics. Your expertise can make a difference!

Sign up by filling out the form below, or contact us if you would like to share your expertise.

Sign-up form for individuals