Request for practical help

There are regularly groups of people keen and available to help out via Present. This form can be used to submit requests for help in cases which meet the Present criteria, i.e. where the client/recipient of the help has

  • insufficient funds,
  • a limited network, and/or
  • a poor state of health.

When you submit a request please bear in mind that:

  • the care provider will remain responsible for the client and must be present throughout or for some of the project, and
  • there is a chance that we will be unable to match an offer from a group with the request (and that we are therefore unable to carry out the project).

Request form for practical help

  • Your organisation

  • The care provider

  • The client

  • (Partner/family, sex, important information etc.)
  • Situation and help needed

  • Has the care provider assessed the situation themselves?
  • The period in which the group could come, if there is a group available.
  • E.g. what is the social network like? Have attempts been made to make use of that network? Why has this been unsuccessful?
  • Have the criteria been met (i.e. lack of network/poor health/insufficient financial resources)? Please provide a brief explanation. Why would you like Present to help? Why is it important that this work is done? How will it improve the help recipient's environment?