The work of Present Amsterdam is growing. We are enabling an increasing number of people to look after each other and to work together for those who could do with a helping hand. And that makes everyone happy. But to keep this work going, Present is in need of support.

Become a Friend and support Present

Without supporters who embrace our ideals we wouldn’t be able to make a lasting impact. That’s why we have Friends!

Our Friends are enthusiastic about the work of Present and are keen to have a share in it as co-owners. They recognise the importance of looking out for vulnerable members of society and are motivated to provide financial support for the work of Stichting Present. Our Friends make it possible for us to continue our work together as Present.

Why become a Friend?

The number of projects organised by Present is growing each year. In parallel, we invest time in education, collaboration and thorough coordination with local care and welfare organisations, communities, political parties, churches, companies and other organisations. As far as possible this is all done by volunteers. However, we would not be able to guarantee the continuity and quality of our work without a small team of permanent employees. And because that costs money, we need financial support as well as volunteers. Some funding is sourced from local governments and churches, but it doesn’t meet all our needs. We need our Friends!

How can I become a Friend?

Click here to take a share in Present Amsterdam > share your enthusiasm > become a Friend!