Vision and mission

We believe that people are generally willing to help others and do something for society. For many, however, the gap between the will and the real thing is (too) big. We need to form a link and bridge the gap. Present aims to be that link.


We build bridges between those who are willing to share some of their time and talents and those in need of a helping hand.


To start a movement within Amsterdam in which people increasingly consider it natural to look after each other.

Name and logo

LOGO-DIGITAAL-ALGEMEENThe Present logo depicts what the organisation stands for: a bridge and a person with open arms. Bridges form links and make things happen. They facilitate contact between people, spanning generations, local communities, street residents, neighbours, colleagues and cultures. The strokes of paint represent a concrete aspect of Present’s work, namely that people are willing to reach out to one another. The name “Present” captures the concept of being there for others, being a gift, and being there right now, in the present.


Human beings have received a great deal to enjoy and to share with others. Present draws inspiration from the person of Jesus Christ, who practised values such as servitude and equality, and encouraged us to follow the example. At the same time, Present welcomes individuals from all beliefs. We want to work together to give and to receive.


Volunteering with Present has purpose. The Present approach has been incorporated into the Database of Effective Social Intervention (“Databank Effectieve Sociale Interventies”). The database compilers consider Present effective in linking formal and informal care. The work of Present volunteer groups reinforces the professional care and contributes to the development of the recipient of the help. The approach is also ideal for the modern volunteer looking to contribute on a project basis. Read more (in dutch)