Hands on, social / practical projects

4 april 2023

You’re very welcome to join our flex group to do social and/or practical volunteer work! You will be part of a very enthusiastic team with other volunteers and learn a lot of new things.

The social projects are for example with elderly or disabled people who have few social contacts. The main task is to socialize with them. This means you could go for a walk with them, play games, bake cookies, do something creative, or just talk. Usually this means listening, as the often have a lot of stories to tell!

The practical projects take place at people’s homes in Amsterdam. For the practical projects, you will do a lot of painting, cleaning and garden maintenance. However, you are always welcome to engage with the residents if they wish. Our goal is not only to help the residents practically, but also to leave them with a positive feeling about the work that’s been done and the people that have helped them. (That’s you!)

Is this something for you? Sent an e-mail to and we’ll get in touch!