How can you get involved?

Are you looking for a meaningful use of time, do you want to help others and would you like to do this with other expats in the community?  Present can help make this happen!  There are 2 ways you can become an individual volunteer with Present:

Join the Expat Flex Group!

The Expat Flex Group is a group of English speaking individuals that participate 1x a month in a volunteer project of their choosing. Examples of projects include:

 Social projects: coffee with lonely elderly, cooking for the homeless, or organizing a fun afternoon for children with physical or mental disabilities are just some examples of the social projects we organize.  Many of the people we help are without a support network of friends & family or lack the financial means to spend on any non-nessary items so even the little acts of kindness  like these go a long way.

–  Practical projects: helping someone that is disabled move into a new home, painting a room or cleaning up a garden are just a few examples of practical projects.  Often times the people we help are unable to preform these basic tasks on their own so while these projects may sound small they have a profound impact on the lives of those in need.

For more information on the types of projects we organize and who we help please CLICK HERE.


Register as an Expert 

Do you have a particular set of skills that you wish to share with others?  Present Den Hague is regularly looking for professionals who want to share their knowledge and expertise with society in order to help those in need develop a particular skill that will increase the quality of their lives.  We can work to design a project for you no matter what your background or interested are.  If you have skills in communication, design, fundraising, project management, office support, customer relationship management, logistics or any other profession Present can create a customized project to help you share these with others. Some examples of an expertise based volunteer project would be;

  • Financial advice provided to individuals with debt
  • Nutritional information and advice on how to maintain health for impoverished families
  • Sewing classes for single mothers or cooking classes for teenage children




*Membership and registration as an individual, group or expert is free of charge. We truly appreciate the donation of your time to those in need and the positive impact you will have on the community.  However, if necessary and depending on the type of project, we do ask that you be prepared to make a small monetary donation to help cover the cost of materials and additional items that are unable to be funded by other sources.