Vote Talya Grecu for Haagse Held 2018


Present volunteers in the spotlight

Present volunteer Talya Grecu has been nominated for the ‘Haagse Held’ Award 2018 in the category Education & Youth. The Annual ‘Haagse Held’ Award is an initiative of the The Hague Municipality, PEP and ibis hotel Den Haag City Centre. The winners are announced on the 7th of December (National Volunteer Day) during the fourth ‘Haagse Helden Gala’ Award evening.

Talya has a vision for volunteering

Nominee Talya is a student at the Leiden University College (LUC) The Hague. LUC volunteers are young adults living in the city centre. Talya relates to the vision of Present: to bridge the gap between people of all walks of life through volunteer projects to support the most vulnerable in The Hague. Therefore she encourages LUC students to volunteer with Present. In November, the student volunteer group took on practical and social projects. They did a lot of gardening to help an elder with no family and lacking good health. Improving the garden will also improve the relationship with the neighbours. The group also visited a home for people with mental impairments. There they shared dinner with the residents, painted a communal room and enjoyed some games.

Talya for Hero: Haagse Held 2018

‘Den Haag Doet’ portrays Talya ‘from her youth in Bolivia, through high school in Japan, and now living in The Hague and studying at the Leiden University College: Talya Grecu loves to enrich other people’s lives with, in her own words, ‘small acts of kindness’. She encourages her fellow students to join her in making a difference through Present. Through volunteer work with Present they meet other people and come in homes they otherwise wouldn’t visit as Internationals and get more acquainted with magnificent The Hague.’

Vote for Talya to ensure she goes home with the title ‘Haagse Held 2018’. You can vote till the 30th of November. By voting you are in the race for 2 overnight stays at an ibis hotel in the Benelux. Read more about Present Den Haag.

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