Charitable ‘ANBI’ status

Stichting Present Eindhoven is recognised as an ANBI (“Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling”, or organisation for public benefit), rendering your financial support deductible for tax purposes.

General information

Registered name: Stichting Present Eindhoven

RSIN/Tax registration number: 817240755

ANBI-status: Yes

Contact details

General manager: Conny Bareman

Phone: 06 362 615 24



Postal address: Fontanalaan 13, 5624 KN EINDHOVEN



Stichting Present aims to build bridges between those who are willing to share some of their time and talents and those in need of a helping hand.


To start a movement within the community in which people increasingly consider it natural to look after each other.

Board of directors

Members of the board

  • Hans Meeske (chairman)
  • Marjolein Battjes (secretary)
  • Rolf Derks (treasurer)
  • Wilm Vervoort (member)
  • Jeanny van den Berg (member)


  • Board member expenses: No
  • Non-excessive attendance fees for the Board: No
  • Disclosure of Board remuneration: Board members are unpaid
  • Employee remuneration policy: In line with CAO Sociaal Werk

More information can be found at Kennisbank Filantropie (Dutch).