As an individual

Are you looking for a way to make a difference in your spare time and do you enjoy helping others? Present also has several options for individual volunteers.

Join our flex team

Our Flex team is a group of volunteers who signed up individually and who participate in projects on a regular basis. When a request for help comes in and there is no regular group of volunteers available to match this request, for instance because of the urgency of the project, we ask our flex team to step in. As a flex volunteer you decide for each project if you can and would like to join, whether that is twice a year or every month. We approach our flex team only for practical projects: moving, painting, placing laminate flooring, gardening, etc. Individuals who are available during week days are especially welcome!

Contact us to find out more about joining our flex team or sign up (Dutch).

Become a project coordinator

The operational team of Present Eindhoven is supported by a team of voluntary project coordinators: people who help organise the projects and who instruct the groups of volunteers during their projects. Are you interested in getting more experience in the field of social welfare and do you like working with groups? Check out our vacancy for project coordinators (Dutch).

Share your expertise

Present Eindhoven is always looking for professionals who are willing to share their expertise for the benefit of the community, either temporarily or on a more permanent basis. We are very interested in what you have to offer, perhaps in the field of communications, design, fundraising, project management or logistics. Your expertise can make a difference!

Please contact us if you would like to share your expertise.