Are you looking for a way to put social engagement into practice? If so, Present Eindhoven is happy to help you. Present can help you to make a difference in the community in which your company is located. Participating in a volunteer project with your colleagues can also be an inspiring experience. By taking part you will learn new things about each other. Working together in a completely new setting is team building at its best!

A few examples

Are you wondering which opportunities Present Eindhoven has to offer? Many companies have preceded you – here you can read their experiences.

Volunteers help to pave a garden so that a disabled girl can go outside in her wheelchair

Venice is a young, single mother from Aruba. Her 11 year old daughter has multiple disabilities and moves around in an electric wheelchair. The family receives support from Stichting SWZ. Venice doesn’t have a social network she can ask for help and lives on social welfare. It takes a lot of effort to take care of her daughter, so she doesn’t have the time or energy to do big jobs around the house. Venice would really like to have a paved garden, so that her daughter can go outside without any help. Together with Stichting SWZ Present was able to help this family by placing three groups of volunteers. A team of co-workers from a company that wanted to be engaged in the community cleared the garden, removed the plants and took everything away to the waste recycling point. After that, another group of volunteers helped to dig out the sand, and finally a third group laid the paving. All in all a big job, but with great results. The girl can move freely into the garden now, and on top of that, it’s easier for Venice to maintain the garden. After the projects were finished, Venice was overwhelmed: “It’s better than I could have ever dreamed of!”

Consultants from Gwynt visit children at medical day care Het Koraal

Employees from consultancy office Gwynt wanted to do a community project for one morning. Present found projects for them at Lunetzorg, where two groups of colleagues went to a disability day care centre for people who are mentally disabled, and one group visited Het Koraal. Het Koraal is a medical day care and school for children with developmental problems, e.g. because of Down syndrome or autism. The volunteers took a group of children and their supervisors to a children’s farm nearby. This doesn’t happen too often, because usually there aren’t enough supervisors to take all of the children out. With these extra volunteers the children could go out in pull carts. Fortunately, the weather was beautiful as well. Both the employees and the children had a fun and special morning.

A fun afternoon for the kids in the women’s shelter

A team of bank employees had the wish to do something special for children in need, so they organised a fun afternoon for children who were staying in the Neos women’s shelter together with their mothers. The employees brought all sorts of materials to do various activities with the kids. They baked, crafted, played games, dressed up, polished nails and did a puppet show. At the beginning of the afternoon the kids couldn’t wait to start. As soon as the door opened, they ran inside and started with all the activities. By doing this, the team of employees could offer the mothers and their children, who had been through a lot, a carefree afternoon.

The options

Present Eindhoven organises practical and social volunteer projects.

Practical projects:
During a practical project you and your colleagues will be helping a vulnerable citizen with a big, practical job at home. For instance, you will tidy up an overgrown garden, lay laminate flooring, paint walls and ceilings, clean and tidy up someone’s house or help someone move. A practical project usually takes up one day (9 am to 4 pm), but can also be limited to half a day. As a team, you will help someone who is in a difficult situation: someone with a limited social network, hardly any financial means and often with health issues (either physical or mental). By rolling up your sleeves for one day, your team will be able to really help someone along in a practical way.

Social projects:
During a social project you and your colleagues will be organising a fun activity in a welfare institution. The activity will be for the benefit of a group of vulnerable people, eg. people with a disability, the elderly (often suffering from dementia) or homeless people. Activities are simple and focused on giving people extra attention that they otherwise wouldn’t receive, eg. cooking, baking, going for a walk, crafting, making music or playing board games. We will look for an activity that suits your team. A social project usually takes up half a day (most often the afternoon).

Reactions from employees in response to their project

“It showed us how much a limited group of people can achieve and what impact small things can have on a person’s life. Also good to see how people get enthusiastic, motivated and inspired through those actions.”

“I really had the idea I was helping someone who really needed it.”

“The house we went to was in need of a good fresh-up. Also, for me it was very meaningful to work with colleagues in a completely different setting. That was also part of the fun we had.”

Number of participants

Our volunteer projects can accommodate groups of 3 or more people. Practical projects are suitable for groups of 3 to 8 people; social projects are suitable for groups of 3 to 15 people. Larger groups are welcome to take up several projects, either at the same time or (in the case of more than 40 people) spread out over the course of several days.


Present is a non-profit organisation that aims to help people living on the margins of society. By organising a project, Present forms a bridge by bringing two groups of people into contact with each other, people who otherwise probably would have never met. By organising and preparing our projects thoroughly we contribute to an employee’s positive experience with voluntary work. For the preparation and supervision of the projects we ask a contribution of 50 euro per participant (in case of groups larger than 40 people we will discuss the costs with you). If possible, a small, additional contribution is asked for materials that can be used during the project. We try to keep these costs as low as possible.

More information?

If you are interested in doing a project via Present with your team or company, we are happy to get in touch. Please contact us and we will make an appointment to give your more information, no obligations attached. If you are already familiar with Present, you can directly register for a new project here. A brief presentation about Present that you can share with your team can be found here: Present in short.


Companies who have already worked together with Present Eindhoven are eg. Philips, ASML, Cummins, DAS Rechtsbijstand, De Lage Landen, ING, Kadaster, Johnson&Johnson en Metatronics.

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