Present Partnerships for Companies

Taking action as a company for the people in Eindhoven

We have a dream! Wouldn’t it be great if work, home, impact, personal development and a better life for everyone would go hand in hand? You think that’s impossible? We would like to show you how we can make that happen!

There are many ways to make impact as an employer. Corporate volunteering is one of them. Probably not your first thought, but definitely an interesting one. Doing good makes happy, research has shown. Corporate volunteering has many benefits for employees, the company and society. Stichting Present Eindhoven is the bridge between corporate volunteers and people in Eindhoven who could use some help.

We have 6 different types of Partnerships to suit any company. Read more about these partnerships below, or be in touch with us directly. We would love to tell you more about the options!

Els van Schijndel 06-36261524 or email to


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