As a group

Discover how rewarding it can be to care for others together with a group of friends, colleagues, classmates, or your football team. Present wants to help you find the volunteering project most suitable for your group. We believe we can match your talents and expectations to a project in which you can make a difference. By taking part you will also learn new things about each other. It is a great form of team building.

Present as organiser and coordinator

Our volunteer projects can accommodate groups of between 2 and 100 people. Those who benefit from your help might be facing social isolation or poverty, or they might be suffering from physical or mental problems such as illness, old age or a disability.

We organise two types of projects:

  • Practical projects: projects to help a vulnerable citizen with a big, practical job at home, eg. painting, cleaning or gardening.
  • Social projects: projects in a welfare institution for the benefit of a group of vulnerable people such as people with disabilities, the elderly or homeless people. Activities are focused on giving people some extra attention, eg. cooking for the homeless, taking people with mental or physical disabilities for a walk, or drinking coffee with elderly people.

Our starting point will be your preferences and availability. Just sign up and we will contact you to find out how we can serve you best.

Sign up (Dutch) or contact us for more information.