Becoming an MVO partner of Present Eindhoven provides your company with the opportunity to make a difference to the local community in which your company is located. Partnering up with Present Eindhoven is a great way to make sure your Corporate Social Responsibility policy has a direct social impact. Present Eindhoven brings people together and encourages the people of Eindhoven to look after each other. Because of your contribution, Present can give other citizens the opportunity to do just that! If you want to make a contribution to the quality of life in our city, to the social cohesion and to the support given to those on the edge of society, please get in touch.


There are various forms of a partnership with Present Eindhoven. In exchange for a financial contibution, Present Eindhoven could organise a yearly volunteer project for your employees. It’s also possible to sponsor projects, to sponsor us by providing materials needed for projects or to share your expertise and support our organisation with advice. We can offer free publicity, for example in the (social) media, our newsletter and on our website. We would be happy to discuss the details of a partnership with you.

If you believe in our work and want to help us continue doing what we do, please contact us.