“The laughter and happiness on their faces is priceless.


Every year, the Salvation Army W&G Overijssel organizes a Christmas celebration for families struggling with lack of financial means and health problems. In this way the families have a good time together. Every year it is a fun time together, which the children also enjoy very much.

While the children enjoy tinkering and playing in the indoor playground of Zalencentrum De Waarbeek, the evening becomes extra atmospheric with a performance by Gospel Choir Benediction. Three first-year students of Saxion Social Work help through Present to make this evening a success. Through the foundation, they give shape to their internship and this Christmas celebration is the first in a series of projects they will be carrying out.

About 50 children will be present at the Christmas celebration, which the students will take care of with great pleasure. Tinkering and games are done together. Of course you are busy,” says student Jeanine Westerhof, “but a smile and the happiness on their faces is priceless.

Why did Jeanine just hire Present to do volunteer work? Present helps me to find volunteer projects that suit me. The diverse offer and the ability to get in touch with different people and target groups really appealed to me. In this way I acquire a lot of knowledge, about the most diverse sectors. For me, Present builds a bridge between study and practice’.

By being present at this Christmas celebration, I have become even more aware that the society in which I live has several faces,’ Jeanine says. I, but I think also many other people, do not always see all the faces of our society. It’s important that we feel responsible for everyone who lives in our society’.

This entry was posted on 25 December 2018 in Huis aan Huis

Pictures: Chantal van der Burgt