Volunteer outing: Making smoothies in Weerselo


It was fun and also delicious, our volunteer outing to the Methoeve in Weerselo! On the 10th of July we went out with a large group to follow a workshop in making smoothies. We got this workshop as a gift from the company Event Creators via the Beursvloer. A great way to show our appreciation to our indispensable volunteers. We cut fruit (and vegetables!), baked, mixed and of course tasted a lot of the different types of smoothies.

Present Enschede organizes about 200 projects a year. Volunteers work with their group to help vulnerable people in Enschede. The groups come from companies, schools, churches, student associations, but Present itself also has a group: the Flex Group. This is a ‘pool’ consisting of 50 volunteers, each of whom works on a project in a different composition. The organisation of these projects is made possible by a large team of another 20 permanent volunteers.

We are grateful for so much enthusiasm for Present and therefore found it very nice to be able to offer them this activity. Take a look at the pictures below!