For care professionals

Professionals in the healthcare and welfare sector care deeply about their clients and want to make a difference to them. Unfortunately, efforts are often compromised by limited time and a stretched budget. Volunteer help can be a welcome addition. Present can provide that help.

Volunteers as a welcome addition

In all its projects, Stichting Present collaborates with organisations active in healthcare, welfare and housing. The volunteers help out with projects such as:

  • Tidying overgrown gardens
  • Going on a day out with residents of a care home
  • Cleaning and tidying
  • Painting run-down homes
  • Cooking and playing games in women’s shelters

In every Present project, the voluntary work must either supplement or support the professional care. Present is not a care provider and the responsibility for the client will always remain with you. Our practical experience has demonstrated the great value that our projects can have for the clients. Naturally we cannot expect a group of volunteers to solve clients’ problems, but we know that their work can be a nudge in the right direction.

The practical work and the interaction are equally important

Present considers the social interaction that takes place during a project to be at least as important as the job itself. It’s something special for clients when a group of strangers just pops round to help them out. Increased self-confidence and a new perspective can plant the seeds for more structural solutions. Equally, projects often mean a lot to the group of volunteers. They come into contact with people whom they would otherwise probably never have met. We say: the core of organising a Present project is facilitating social contact.

Requesting help

If you are a care professional and believe that a group of volunteers could add value to your support or care programme, you are welcome to submit a request for help. The criteria are:

  • Your client is unable to carry out the work himself/herself due to a lack of financial resources, a limited network and/or poor health.
  • Your client is willing to be present and to participate (in some way) on the day of the project.
  • Social interaction (between the client and the volunteers) will be a significant aspect of the project.

Present’s work begins with what our volunteers offer to do. This means that groups choose the date and the project themselves. Present does not search for volunteers based on requests for help. We can only immediately meet a request for help when there is a group available at that time whose preferences and availability are suitable. In all other cases, requests for help are only considered when a group comes to us with matching preferences.

What can you expect from Present?

Before the project we will:

  • Guide and provide instructions to the groups.
  • Make a match between what the group can offer and your request.
  • Organise and attend the project visit, which will include a meeting with the recipient of the help. This visit will also provide a chance for the volunteers and the care provider to agree on the details of the project.
  • Act as the contact between your organisation and the group of volunteers.

During the project we will:

  • Be present at the beginning and at the end of the project.
  • Be on stand-by during the project.
  • Take responsibility for the volunteers during the project.

After the project we will:

  • Evaluate the project, its effects and how the parties worked together.
  • Give feedback to the group on any effects of their work that you mention.
  • Schedule further dates (where appropriate).

What Present expects from you as the care provider:

Before the project:

  • A meeting with us if it is the first time we have worked together.
  • Ongoing collaboration: if both sides are keen to continue working together, we can enter into an ongoing collaboration on the basis of partnership and openness to development and innovation.
  • Details of one contact person within your organisation. This is the person with whom we will discuss what the group can offer and evaluate the collaboration.

During the project:

  • Attendance at the project visit in advance of the actual project.
  • Agreement on the details of the programme for the project day.
  • Follow up on the actions agreed to at the project visit.
  • Attendance on the project day, either for the whole day or some of it.
  • Evaluation with a member of staff from Present after the project.

We like to let our volunteers know that their time and efforts are being used in the right place and are having an effect. Justifiably, this is very important to them. With this in mind we talk to care providers in advance of the project about its place within a wider plan and the value it will add.

We look forward to an enjoyable and worthwhile collaboration.

Contact us to find out more or submit a request for help [Dutch].