For volunteers

We build bridges between those who are willing to share some of their time and talents and those in need of a helping hand. That is our mission. As an intermediary in volunteering, we give people the chance to make a difference in their local community and help those facing poverty, poor health or social isolation.

Just one day can make a real difference

You might want to volunteer for a one-off project which will provide a meaningful experience and a day well spent. Alternatively, your group might be interested in working for others in Amsterdam on a structural basis. Present’s aim is to start a movement within society in which people increasingly consider it natural to look after each other. And it’s working. With a Present project it takes just one day to make a great difference. And you’ll experience new social contact with lasting value.

Volunteering with Present: meaningful and effective

At Present it all begins with what the group of volunteers has to offer. Your schedule, talents and restrictions are the starting point. But because we work closely with professional welfare and care organisations, we also have a good overview of the social problems in the city, even where these manifest themselves behind closed doors. We match what you would like to offer with the requests for help we receive from care providers on behalf of their clients. By working like this we can reach the most vulnerable members of society in Amsterdam. And because we aim to organise projects that reflect your interests, knowledge and skills, we select requests for you that will make your work both meaningful and effective.

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