Refugees and immigrants

To our new neigbours: There is a folder with this information in ENGLISH and DUTCH and ARABIC.

Many refugees are given shelter in Utrecht after a long and intense journey. Settling into a new country and culture can be challenging, whilst also worrying about family they have left behind and waiting for the asylum process. Despite these challenges, we constantly meet refugees who are motivated to build a new and successful life in Utrecht.

At Present, connecting people is what we do best.  We have refugees who are excited to meet new people and this is where you can make a difference! We are looking for volunteers who are able to give up a day or an evening to help refugees settle into their new country. We organise events for the residents of the AZC (Asielzoekerscentrum) refugee shelter, including inviting refugees into your home for dinner, or helping a refugee with jobs around their new home.

Mix & Match: Hands on chores together 

We can connect regugees with small groups of two to three Utrechtians who would like to join forces  to help other people.

Refugees who live in Utrecht often want to repay the help they have been given and, while doing so, make new contacts. By working together, for example in a garden, helping someone move into their new house, refurbishing a house or taking a walk with the elderly, one can make a difference.

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Welcome to your new home: Jobs around the home with an Utrecht resident

This event is for groups of three or more people wanting to help refugees set up their new home.

After refugees have been given a home, a lot has to happen in a small amount of time: the home has to be made habitable, the walls need to be painted, as well as other small jobs around the home or garden. Their new home is rarely located near the shelter where they first lived. Sometimes, refugees travel 200 kilometres to Utrecht, where they will not know a single person.

Volunteers and refugees work side by side on jobs around the home. We are dependant on the demand for help, and therefore it may take some time before we can match you and your group to a family that needs help.

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Come & Eat: sharing a meal in your home

This event is for individuals, families and groups of friends who would like to invite residents from the refugee shelter over for dinner. Eating an evening meal together can be one of the best ways of getting to know one another and understand each other’s culture. Refugees can leave their busy shelter and get to know the Dutch (or any other) culture in a homely and relaxed atmosphere. Present arranges the refugees who will come to your home, the rest is up to you! We will notify you at least two weeks before the planned event.  Included in the invitation are guidelines so you can prepare for your event.

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