International group helps gardening


In June, an international group of people from ICF contacted Present Wageningen, because they wanted to know more about Present. Wilma, one of the employees of Present visited the group one evening when they came together at someone’s room at Asserpark. Wilma explained everything about Present, and the group became enthusiastic.

They picked a date in July when they would be available to do something and Present found a nice place for them. One of the members of the group went to visit the place beforehand, together with a volunteer from Present, to prepare everything. They got to know each other, talked about why it was necessary, what had to be done and what kind of material was needed.

The situation was like this: a man, who in the past studied at the university, had gotten some psychological problems. On the one hand, he was able to live his life on a normal way, take care of himself, and also help others. But at the same time, it became harder and harder for him to take care of his own place. The garden had become quite overgrown. He wanted to take care of it himself, but it had become impossible.

So, on the planned Saturday, the group came to help with this. Present arranged the material, like a hedge cutter, material to trim the trees and the bushes, and a lawn mower. The group: mainly PhD students from the university, worked some hours in the garden, and in the end the garden looked a lot nicer. The owner of the garden helped, and served drinks, and was happy that a task that had become so big for him, was completed in one morning.

A fruitful morning, where everyone was quite fulfilled!

The group had a good experience, and promised that they will do more with Present in the future! To be continued 🙂