International move from Wageningen to Ede


A group international PHDers helped a woman with her move from Wageningen to Ede.

Last June an international group of people from ICF, helped a man with his garden. After this morning, they promised to come back at Present. The first of September, in the last weekend of the summer holidays, they helped again. And again a practical job, ideal, with all those strong men and woman.
Early in the morning the people from the international group were ready to help a woman with her movement to Ede. Arrived at the house, they were warmly welcomed by the woman and the caregiver.

It was very nice that this group of people could help the woman with her move from Wageningen to Ede. The woman who lived in Wageningen with all her cats has borderline and could use some help with this big operation.
The time to get to know each other was limited, a lot of work was waiting for them. They had only one morning to load all the stuff from the house in the Present bus and unload it in the new house in Ede.
Only one morning was indeed not enough, but these wonderful people also helped in the afternoon. After one day was the entire contents moved to Ede.
Time for the woman to enjoy her new home, and time for the people of ICF to rest.

Many thanks to these people from ICF who helped the whole day! Without your help was this move impossible…