Be Present!
Welcome, great that you found us. On this page we explain who we are, and what you could do. Because we want to give you, together with your friends, the opportunity to help a person in need.

Stichting Present Walcheren
Mission & Vision:

Present Walcheren builds bridges between those who are willing to share some of their time and talents and those in need of a helping hand. Our vision is to start a movement here in which people increasingly consider it natural to look after each other.

In practice it means that we link a group of people, on a for them practical date, to do something for someone else.
Such as:
Weeding the garden for a man who is unable to do it himself.
Go for a walk with elderly people who can’t easily go out alone.
Help a woman without network move to another house.
Play football, music or bingo in a retirement home.
Help a lonely mother (or someone else) to paint her house.
Bake pancakes with old people or asylum seekers.

It’s a one-time action, for you as a group to make it easy to help someone in need, and for the person in need to make it easier to continue. You practically help someone, and always there is time to meet someone, whom you never would have met without Present.
Expand your horizon!

How it works:
With a group (friends, colleagues, study mates) you invite Present for a short presentation, by sending an email to pcpwalcheren@gmail.com.
This can be for example during a lunch, or on an evening. A person from Present comes to explain how we work, and what kind of projects you could do. We try to do our best to find a project that fits you as a group, because we think everyone has specific talents, and when you use them you feel better! This takes about 15-30 minutes.
You plan a date when you as a group are available for the Present Project, and inform Present of this date. This could be an evening, or for example a Saturday morning. We give you a suggestion for a Present project and prepare the project for you.
Short preparation meeting with: The contact person from the group , somebody from Present, a social worker and teh person you are going to help. To prepare the project: what is needed, which things are good to know? This takes about 30 minutes, depending on the situation.
On the fixed date, the whole group comes, and the Present Project takes place. So the group paints/gardens/plays games with children/takes a walk with elderly people.
Afterwards we will evaluate. How did your project go, and the meeting with the other? Will you meet again or do another project?

Interested? Please contact us!

Project coordinator: pcpwalcheren@gmail.com