Make a difference in Wageningen

By helping someone, together with your friends or colleagues

In only a few hours you can make a difference in the life of someone else. With Present you can discover how fun & satisfying it is to meet and help someone together with your friends. You'll meet someone in Wageningen who needs some help, and you'll be able to get to know the person. And at the same time, you'll have a nice new experience together with your friends where you can get to know them on a new way.

Fitting project

Present helps with finding a short volunteering project. We link your talents and how you'd like to help to people who need some help. On this way, it will be a project that means a lot for someone else, and at the same time it's fun for you and fits with your wishes.

Helping a (part of the) day

You can join a volunteering project of Present with 2-50+ people. The people who you will be helping are sometimes socially isolated, live in poverty or have mentally of physical problems. No matter what project you do with Present, your presence is very welcome. A project takes often a few hours, and can take place during the day, the evening or in the weekend. According to your wishes, it will be a project that takes place once, or a short series of moments.

What do we do?

Present organises for example:
  • Social activities: Like: cooking and eating together with elderly people, playing games with children, or sporting with refugees in the refugee center.
  • Practicap projects. Like: help someone move, help someone paint the house or gardening.
  • Or.... maybe you have another idea!


2 - 8


Een project duurt maximaal een dag

2 - 50


Projecten voor kleine en grote groepen

1 - 10


We zoeken een project bij jou in de buurt



We zoeken een project dat aansluit bij jou

How does it work?

We organise the project based on your wishes an availability. After you contact us, we get in touch with you to find out what these are. We get to know eachother and together we choose an activity that fits with all group members. We prepare the project, and together with one groupmember we organise a preparatory visit. The day of the project, we are there at the start and the end. This way we make sure you have a valuable meeting with the other.

More inspiration?

A lot of groups already did their Present action. And there are many beautiful stories to tell. About wonderful conversations people had, people who are happy that their house looks better, children who feel happy in their room again. And about smiles, discoveries about teammates, playing together, painting together and about dirty hands in the end. Stories about meeting people.
Most of our stories are in Dutch, but we have some in English :)

Maybe the next story is about you!

Do you want to help someone else in Wageningen?

Are you curious about what you or your group can do for someone in Wageningen via Present? Contact us via this button. Also when you have any questions, just let us know and we'll get in contact with you!